Ingenia analyses your textual content and automatically categorises it using your own tags.

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Machine Learning

Ingenia uses proprietary advanced machine learning algorithms to give structure to the content you send to it via our API, by finding the unique patterns that associate your content with your tags.

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Made to measure

Ingenia is tailored to your content: why use standard generic categories, when you can choose the ones that are best suited to your content? Ingenia will learn about them. And you can change them any time. You're in charge.

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Continuously adapts to your content

The way you categorise your content is bound to change over time. Instead of being stuck with outdated categories, or having to manually modify them again and again, let Ingenia take care of it, as it automatically evolves with your content.

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Your own recommendation engine

Once your content is categorised, your recommendation engine, uniquely tailored to your content, is ready to go: it doesn't require you to collect and cruch lots of data on user behaviour. It will find the most relevant content based on your own tags.

Who knew that tags could be so powerful?

Navigation using Ingenia

Help your users to find what they need, and to discover what they like

When your content is categorised in an intuitive and consistent manner, you will be able to build innovative, effective and powerful user experiences: your users will more easily find what they are looking for, and will enjoy discovering content most relevant to them.

Recommendation using Ingenia

Enrich your users' experience with the most relevant content

By using Ingenia, off-the you'll have your content-based recommendation engine via the API: when a user is looking at some of your content, you can recommend more content that is relevant, because it has been tagged in a similar way. It is designed to empower you to optimise your target metrics, be it revenue, time on site or pageviews.

Personalisation using Ingenia

Build a unique relationship with each of your users

Your users reveal their preferences. With Ingenia you can personalise their experiences: each of your users can be associated to the sum of the tags of the content they consumed, and you can now design your relationship with them accordingly.

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Extract actionable insight from your content

Ingenia creates a structure around your content that enables you to analyse it and extract insight: why are some products more popular than others? Why is your conversion rate going down, or up? Why some customers return and some don't? With Ingenia's data you can easily find out.

Some of the reasons why you'll love Ingenia


It's unique

Ingenia doesn't just pick from your text keywords or names of people, places or products that it finds mentioned in it. And it doesn't use its own standardised categories, that are not relevant to you and that you have no control over. It extracts what the text is about, and it always does it your way.


Saves you time and effort

Properly categorising content is a complex, time-consuming task: your team or users must learn how to categorise, re-learn again as anything changes, you must monitor their usage. Ingenia does it all for you, and more consistently than if done manually.


Organised and consistent

Ingenia tags your content in a consistent way. This is something surprisingly difficult to get right manually: not only can Ingenia avoid confusion due to typos or synonyms, but most importantly it will always tag similar content in similar ways.


It's always there to help

Ingenia will also empower you to manage your own tags: it will use advanced algorithms to analyse them and give you suggestions: "these tags are similar, do you want to merge them?" or "you may want to review the tags for this text", to ensure you always make the best of your content.

We kept it simple, get started in no time

Stage 1: Training Ingenia

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Send your training set

Ingenia is bespoke to you. To learn about your preferences, send us some or all your content broken down into its units via our API. Each will have tags previously allocated to it. If your content is not already categorised, Ingenia will guide you through its categorisation.

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Ingenia learns about your content

Ingenia sifts through your training set and uses its clever algorithms to understand how your tags are associated to your content. This will take no time, and you can check the status via an API call or on your account web page.

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Ready to classify

Ingenia is ready to classify your content. You will be able to send it more content for training at any time, Ingenia is always ready and eager to learn even while you use it, and constantly adapts to your content.

Stage 2: Classify your content

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Send the content you want to categorise

At any time you can use our API to send Ingenia units of your content that you would like to have categorised.

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Processing your content

Ingenia analyses this new content in real time, using what it learnt about your preferences during the learning phase to make sure that the tags are as accurate and as relevant to you as possible.

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Get your new tags

In the response to your API request, you will receive the tags that are most closely associated with your content; each tag will come with a confidence level, from 0 to 1, that quantifies the strength of the association between that unit of content and the tag. Check the demo to see it in action.

Ingenia is for anyone who manages lots of content


Content sites

- Newspapers, blogs, publishers, or any site with many articles about any variety of subjects

- Articles may have been manually tagged by contributors, who do so each in their own way

- Ingenia can tag each article as belonging to the site's categories and sub-categories

- You get: less work for your team, and a new way of navigating your content, leading to higher pageviews per visit


E-commerce sites

- Any web site selling or reviewing any kind of product

- Products are grouped by their category: simple at the start, but as the site grows, so does its complexity

- Ingenia will tag each product with categories, sub-categories and features based on descriptions and user reviews

- You get: clearer display of your electronic shelf, leading to improved user experience and more effective SEO



- Local ads, jobs, real estate, peer-to-peer commerce, etc

- Each ad may be categorised by the ad creator, often quite unreliably

- Ingenia can tag each ad based on its description, so that all ads are treated consistently throughout the site

- You get: a more cohesive, search experience, leading to higher conversion rate


User-generated content

- Both consumer (social media, forums, Q&A, etc) and enterprise (intranets, wikis, document management, etc)

- Each entry, from phrases to entire documents, may be tagged by the users themselves, with typically chaotic and inconsistent results

- Ingenia will tag each entry based on its content, using the tags most pertinent to the site or the company

- You get: better discoverability for your users, who can more easily find both the content and the people most relevant to them

It sounds good, doesn't it?
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